Minnesota Ice Fishing for Perch, Walleye on Lake Winnibigoshish

Lake Winnibigoshish has a reputation as one of the best ice fishing lakes in Minnesota, and The Pines Resort is recognized as one of the Best Ice Fishing Resorts in Minnesota with world class ice fishing for jumbo perch, walleye and crappies. Through the years Lake Winnie has become known as "the" lake to fish for jumbo perch through the ice. It also offers excellent walleye fishing, northern fishing and crappie fishing. With more than 67,000 acres, Winnibigoshish literally offers miles of state angling opportunities matched by few other fisheries in northern Minnesota.

Minnesota Ice Fishing for Walleye.
Minnesota Ice Fishing for Jumbo Perch.

We Rent Ice Fishing Houses!

Make The Pines Resort on Lake Winnibigoshish your headquarters for full-service Minnesota ice fishing vacations. We provide 6-hole fish house rentals complete with plowed ice roads out to your fish house. Enjoy a day of excellent fishing then head back to the resort to the warmth and comfort of our well-equipped cabins. We move our fish houses on a weekly basis to ensure that you are "on the fish" and even turn on the heat in your fish house and clear the holes every morning before you arrive. We'll even provide fish cleaning services for a fee.

The Pines Resort sets the standard for hosting ice fishermen and you will notice the difference!  Call 218-246-8546 Today to Check Fish House Rental availability and Click Here to Check Cabin Availability Online.

Ice Fishing House Rental Rates

Fish House Rented With Cabin Rental 
8 x 10 - 6 hole $125/day
Fish House Rented Without Cabin
8 x 10 - 6 hole $150/day

ice fishing houses

ice fishing houses

ice fishing houses

2022-2023 Winter Season Cabin Rates

November 2022 thru March 2023

Cabin # of Bdrms Occupancy* Deposit Required Nightly Rate**
Wolf Den 5 1 - 8 people $300 $65 per person/per night. $350 per night minnimum
Loon's Nest 2 1-4 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimun
Agate 2 1 - 4 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimum
Birch 2 1 - 4 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimum
Balsam 2 1 - 4 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimum
Black Bear 3 1 - 5 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimum
Raccoon 3 1 - 5 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimum
Whitetail 2 1 - 4 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimum
North Star Loft 3 1 - 6 people $100 $65 per person/per night- $130 per night minnimum
  • *Daily Extra Person Charge:  $65 per adult per day. $30 dollars per child (under age of 12) per day. 

  • **2 night / 2person minimum stay required on all winter reservations. With two night stays, a 50.00 dollars convenience fee will be added to each cabin.  

  • Wi-Fi available in all cabins.

  • 7.375% Minnesota State & County Sales Tax is applicable.

  • Pet Policy:  No pets will be allowed during the winter ice fishing season in the cabins.

ice fishing the pines resort lake winnibigoshish

jumbo perch ice fishing in minnesota

ice fishing houses best ice fishing resort in Minnesota

Ice Fishing In Style!

These gents knew how to go ice fishing in style!  Sorry, no, we don't provide limo service to and from our rental ice fishing houses. LOL


Notice to Anglers


While on or fishing waters with size restrictions, all fish for which the size restriction applies must have their heads, tails, fins and skin intact and be measurable except when a person is preparing and using such fish for a meal.


When packing fish, labels identifying the fish must include the name of the lake where the fish was caught and the size of each of the fish that are regulated under a special size limit.

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Ice Fishing Safety Tips

  • No ice should be considered safe.
  • It takes at least 4 inches of clear solid ice to support a person on foot, 5 inches for a snowmobile and 8-12 inches for a small car or truck - but ice varies from place to place on the same body of water and sometimes within 10 feet!
  • Check with local bait shops, resorts etc. as to the current ice conditions
  • Access the lake through an area resort and try to travel on plowed ice roads.
  • Consider walking or using a snowmobile or ATV, rather than a car or truck, and avoid ice travel during hours of darkness, when there's heavy snow or fog - drive slowly at all times.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.
  • Avoid areas where there may be flowing water or currents.
  • Pressure ridges or ice heaves occur, especially on large lakes - these can be dangerous due to thin ice or an obstruction you may hit with a car, truck or snowmobile.
  • Carry a cellular phone with you - call 911 for any emergency